Research Library

The CCFHA's research library contains more than 1800 selected titles, including print books, PERSI reproductions, book excerpts, and CDs. While the library focuses on the genealogy of "Corson" and related surnames, it also includes more general-purpose topics in history, biography, genealogical techniques, technology, and onomastics, as well as materials representing the creativity of authors with the target surnames. It is arguably the most extensive special collection in the world with this focus. The collection is open-ended and continuing to grow.

CCFHA Library Catalog

Members and non-members can search the catalog of the CCFHA Research Library online for

  1. complete documents
  2. document excerpts ("Book of Books")
  3. individuals who served in the military ("Military Honor Roll")

Members have access to all documents and document excerpts that have been scanned (in the Members Only section).

Affiliate Libraries

For those who perform genealogical research in libraries, the CCFHA provides a free newsletter subscription to several regional and genealogical libraries, some of which also have bound copies of newsletters from 1981-2000, as well as genealogical and historical materials of interest to specific Divisions:

  • Clayton Library, Houston, Texas
  • Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas
  • Sutro Library, Sacramento, California
  • Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio
  • Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Dover Public Library, Dover, New Hampshire - materials for Division I
  • Martha Sawyer Community Library, Lebanon, Maine - materials for Division I
  • Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah - bound newsletters and materials for all Divisions
  • Allen County Genealogical Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana - bound newsletters and materials for all Divisions
  • New Durham Library, New Durham, New Hampshire - bound newsletters and materials for Division I
  • New Jersey State Library, Trenton, New Jersey - bound newsletters and materials for Divisions II and VII
  • Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - bound newsletters and materials for Division III
  • Gloucester County Historical Society, Woodbury, New Jersey - bound newsletters and materials for Division IV