Family Trees

One of the CCFHA's goals, as part of its "300+" Project, is to establish and maintain a definitive family tree of descendants for each Division defined by a single progenitor. These online trees are meant to update, correct, and render more accessible family trees published in books in the past (e.g. those in Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America, 1939). Currently, partial family trees exist for the following Divisions:

Both members and non-members can view and search within these trees, but for the webtrees databases, only members can see information about living individuals or make suggested changes to the trees directly online. We encourage all members and non-members who descend from a Corson ancestor (or a related surname) to submit their family lines to the CCFHA for inclusion in the trees.

Given the large amount of genealogical data that the CCFHA has collected for the major Divisions (I, II, III, IV, and VII), progress has been slow, but the family trees remain a priority.