Corson Cousins Newsletter

The official newsletter of the CCFHA is Corson Cousins, published quarterly. (Sample issue: July 2016)

Those who go beyond subscribing to Corson Cousins and become a member of the CCFHA not only receive a subscription to Corson Cousins but can view and download back issues of Corson Cousins (1992-present).

Searching the Newsletter

Both members and non-members can search the newsletter index of names (1980-2009), while members can perform full-text searches of most issues since 1992 (currently requires downloading them and performing an advanced search with Adobe Reader).

Newsletter History

Iverne Rinehart began publishing Corson Cousins in 1981, well before she co-organized the CCFHA in 1987.

A kindred newsletter, Courson Cousins, began publication even earlier, in late 1980. Courson Cousins was established and edited by Margaret Gardner until she joined forces with Corson Cousins in 1983; she became a member and strong supporter of the CCFHA until her death in 1998.

Starting in 1991, yet another newsletter was published in conjunction with Corson Cousins, with the advent of Colson's Corner, edited by Stan Colson. Colson's Corner , which focused particularly on Colsons and Corsons in New England (mainly Division I) was published along with Corson Cousins until the former ended, in late 1997. Items of interest to Colson researchers continue to be carried now and again in Corson Cousins.