Division VII

Progenitor: Jacob Corson (c. 1755-bef. 1822)
Birthplace: unknown; first recorded in Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Possible origin: descent from a male-line ancestor with the Moore surname from Ireland (according to Y-DNA results)
Current Y-DNA terminal haplogroup: R-S1729
Also known as: Corson families of Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Jacob Corson lived in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, in the late 1700s, near his wife's parents in Lebanon, Amwell Township.  Jacob married Mary Hoppock (1759-1828) prior to 1790 (probably ca. 1785).  Mary's parents attended the Dutch Reformed Church of Readington and apparently were of Dutch descent.  Mary and Jacob appear to have been part of the same faith.  Jacob and Mary had five children: Peter (1787-1826), John (1790-1848), Catherine, Anna (1798-1816) and Jacob (1801-1875).  Most of the family resided in northern New Jersey, although some members eventually moved to Pennsylvania, New York, and California.




  • Birthplaces of Division VII descendants born with the Corson surname:

 Birthplaces of some Division VII descendants in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania born with the Corson surname or a variant

Main Reference Work:

  • "The Corsons of Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey", Ch. XXIII of Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America, by Orville Corson, 1939, Vol. II, pp. 270-278. (available to members)

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