Division V

Division V is divided into subdivisions Va (Scotland) and Vb (England).


Division Va: Corson/Corsan/Corsane families from Scotland

The Scottish family of Corson or Corsane is said by some to descend from a man named Corsani or Corsini brought from Italy to Scotland during the 1200s. These early lines are sketchy, but later the line is more firmly detailed in Marr on the River Nith in Scotland. Later descendants have been identified in Ohio, Wyoming, and elsewhere in the U.S.; in Ontario, Canada; and in Australia and New Zealand.


Main reference work:

  • "The Corsons of Dumfriesshire, Scotland", Ch. XXII of Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America, by Orville Corson, 1939, Vol. II, pp. 263-269. (available to members)

Notable Division Va Descendants:

 Division Vb: Curzon/Curson families from England

The Curzon family in England traces its ancestry to a Courson from Brittany, France (see Division IX) who invaded with William the Conqueror in 1066. The family now uses the name Curzon, but other variants also occur there and have immigrated to the U.S.

Curzon family device

Variations: CURZON, CURSON