Division III

Progenitor: Cors Pieterszen (1612-1655)
Birthplace: Langeraar, the Netherlands
Current Y-DNA terminal haplogroup: I-BY13712
Also known as: Corson families of Staten Island, New York, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Division descendants: Descendants of Cors Pieterszen (table)

Cors Pieterzsen is stated to be of Dutch origins, although some have speculated the family was of French Huguenot descent. His wife was Tryntje Hendrickse of Dutch ancestry. Both lived in New Amsterdam. For reasons unknown, the children of one of their sons, Hendrick Corssen,  adopted the surname Vroom, which in Dutch can mean "brave, pious, kind or gentle". Sometimes "Vroom" is encountered after someone's surname as a description. Some Corsen descendants moved from Staten Island, New York, to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and left many descendants there.



  • Birthplaces of Division III descendants born with the Corson surname or a variant:

Birthplaces of some Division III descendants in the eastern United States born with the Corson surname or a variant Birthplaces of some Division III descendants in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania born with the Corson surname or a variant

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Notable Division III Descendants:

Rev. Robert Corson (1793-1878) Rev. Robert Corson (1793-1878), itinerant Methodist minister in Canada Hiram Corson, M.D. (1804-1896) Hiram Corson, M.D. (1804-1896), doctor, advocate of abolitionism and women in medicine
Hiram Corson (1828-1911) Hiram Corson (1828-1911), professor of literature, author Joseph K. Corson (1836-1913) Joseph K. Corson, M.D. (1836-1913), Congressional Medal of Honor winner
Trevor Corson (b. 1969) - Photo by Trevor Corson Trevor Corson (b. 1969), author    

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