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Our Founder


Iverne Corson Rinehart (1925-2015) Iverne Corson Rinehart (1925-2015) became interested in family history when a grade school teacher assigned it as a topic and a doting aunt drew an actual tree for her to portray their lineage. In 1981, the desire to establish links with her far-flung family prompted her to create the newsletter Corson Cousins. This, in turn, led her to co-found the Corson/Colson Family History Association in 1987 to include other Corson (and variant spellings) family lines. She served as newsletter editor for 30 years and held nearly all CCFHA offices, including President. Her unflagging dedication to the CCFHA established a foundation that keeps the assocation running today.

About the CCFHA


  • To encourage and perform genealogical and historical research on individuals and families with the Corson surname and related surnames (e.g., Courson, Colson, Coursen, Corsa, Coursey, Decoursey, Vroom).
  • To aggregate the wealth of data about these families, filter out incorrect data, and assemble definitive family trees for these families.
  • To bring descendants of these families together into reunions and other physical and virtual gatherings to enhance their relationships.
  • To research and disseminate the contribution of individuals with these surnames to historical and cultural heritage.

The CCFHA wishes to contact all persons who are researching these lines, whether they are interested in membership or not. We want to share in the exchange of genealogical information and help you to establish contacts with others interested in the same lines.


In 1981, a small group started working together to further their common Corson genealogy. A few years later, in 1987, a father-son team named Colson, descendants of a Corson ancestor, joined the original group. Later that year they organized and chartered the Corson/Colson Family History Association. Today, the CCFHA has dozens of members throughout the United States and a few in Canada and France. It also coordinates a One-Name Study in the United Kingdom.


Acting President Michael Corson
Vice President Bruce Corson
Corresponding Secretary Jeff Owens
Recording Secretary Hal Costley
Treasurer Gale Corson
Regional VP, Major Divisions Bill DeCoursey
Regional VP, Minor Divisions Gale Corson
Newsletter Editor

Michael Corson



If you have any questions about the CCFHA or genealogy of the families it researches, please contact Michael Corson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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Membership in the CCFHA is open to everyone. Working together we can accomplish more!


  • A newsletter, Corson Cousins, is published quarterly. Members can choose to receive the newsletter electronically or by post.  Members can view and download past newsletter issues (1992-present).
  • Members can view and download items in the research library that have been scanned. For items not yet scanned, members can request lookups and/or scanning by CCFHA volunteers.
  • Members can view living individuals in their Division's family tree and can suggest additions and edits to the tree.
  • Members can view and download the Membership Directory, which contains names and contact information of both active and inactive members, organized by Division.
  • Member queries, family information sheets, and articles are published without charge in the newsletter.

Annual dues:  US$14.00 per calendar year.

It is possible to subscribe to the newsletter without becoming a member (US$10.00 per year). Several members have used this option to set up gift subscriptions for relatives.


You can join the CCFHA via PayPal or by mailing the membership/subscription form along with a U.S. check or money order. Current members can use the PayPal form to renew their memberships and/or subscriptions, including gift subscriptions.

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Since 1987, the Corson/Colson Family History Association (CCFHA) has worked to further genealogical research of families with the Corson surname and related surnames (e.g., Courson, Colson, Coursen, Corsa, Coursey, Decoursey, Vroom).


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