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Surname   Givenname   Division   Nwsyrissue   Page   Note   Source   Year   Issue   Digitized  
Details Ben CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details <uncle> Will CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details Jannetie (HENDRICKS) CW82May13 Corson Cousins West1982Mayno
Details <uncle> Jon CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details <aunt> Ida CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details Kors CW81Jan6 Corson Cousins West1981Janno
Details <uncle> Edd CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details Cors CW81Jan6 Corson Cousins West1981Janno
Details <uncle> Will CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno
Details <uncle> Beert CW83Sum39 Corson Cousins West1983Sumno

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